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About Eva
Thank you for visiting my website and for your interests in Frennet Studio's photography services. My name is Eva Frenzel and I am one-man show behind the Frennet Studio's Photography.
Many of my clients always ask, where does the Frennet Studio name come from. My husband Pierre, created our private website years ago and he actually came with the idea. FREN stands for Frenzel and NET for the net.
I come originally from Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia), my husband Pierre, who is German has been relocated to South Carolina in 2007, this is how Fountain Inn became our home and home for our two children Franka (17 years) and Henrik aka Henni (15 years) and how USA became my adopted country in 2018.
Following my family tradition and passion, I started making photos at the age of 7, when I got my first film camera. I cherished the moments to sit in my dad's darkroom and assist him with developing his photos. My dad learned everything from his dad and my granddad who made photos during WW II while being a pilot.

If I could, I would be making photos 24/7 and when I am behind my lenses there is no time feeling for me. While attending any events, I see everywhere the "MUST CAPTURED MOMENTS" and mostly I had to make comprise with my family to leave my lenses and cameras at home. After one historic rocket launch and not captured photos, I told myself never to leave our house without my photo suitcase and tripod.
Additional to my other academic degrees, in 2011 I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography.
Next to my passion for photography, I love spending time with my family, traveling, swimming, cycling, running, skiing,  hiking, tennis, windsurfing, kayaking, camping, and reading.
Two of many of my life mottos are;
"Either you give your 100%, or do not do it at all."
"Enjoy every moment in your life."

During the portraiture photo session on location, or at your home, I like your valuable time to be spent as fun and family/couple bounding, listening to your favorite music.

My goal is always to capture the true personality of each of my client and one of the mottos is;  "JUST BE YOURSELF". Everybody is beautiful and the key for excellent portraiture is the proper posing, lighting and clothing. Recommend to use just plain colors and no patterns, for family sessions, I love the same color or mixed two colors as it creates beutiful uniformity and togetherness feeling in the photos.
Family photo session should a positive experience for everyone and foremost for the little ones. From my past experience the best photos of the "babies" are always made when I just let them play around and when they do not even notice that they are being photographed.
Apropos "babies", just last week during a family photo session, I called a 5 year old client Baby, he just told me; "I am not a baby any more, I am five!" Even if the little ones become 18 years and I am making their senior photos or even engagement photos, they always stay babies for me and have special place in my heart and I have them in mind, exactly as I first met them.
I am always amazed after seeing my clients and my little clients after one year, how much they have changed and how much they grew and always wish time would slow down.
Before each photo session, I would like to find out more about you and your family - age of kids, interests, favorite colors. I want to make sure that I have the right props and colors ready and that we go with the right theme which best expresses your family in the photos. Whether you prefer on location photo session; urban or natural,  or at your home. I always recommend for the family photo session, from newborn till 3-4 years old to schedule it at your home. Your babies feel the most comfortable at your home in their safe environment, you do not have to hustle to be somewhere else and I am able to capture the real personality of the little ones.
During the sessions I always do traditional and formal poses at first and then I let creative side play. I always make a joke that I should start making notes before each session because while downloading your photos, I notice that I did took this or that pose that I had carefully planned ahead to make through the session.
When on location, I use the available light to create this magical feeling in your photos and I love to express the love and strong emotional bond within family. I always want to see so called "hand connection".
Please read the Frennet Studio's Tips and my recommendations for portraits.
Light is my paint and I try to avoid to schedule portrait session through the midday, unless an event. The hard light outside creates unpleasant facial shadows and from photographic/technical point of view there is a high contrast scene, to simplify from 10am till 4pm on the sunny day are the worth light conditions for portraiture. Ideal, and what each photographer ask for are the overcast days. Clouds create so called softbox.
There are either morning sessions around 8am or late afternoon sessions around 5pm (summer time) available. From experience, I prefer the morning sessions, as clients are not tired from the whole day working or running the errands, and the biggest advantage is, at around 9:00am my favorite locations, like Cedar Falls Park or Fountain Inn Downtown,  are not crowded, and we have the whole place just for ourselves and foremost we have our privacy.
In studio or at your home, I am working with strobe and continuous light (softboxes and umbrellas), gels, colorful lights. On location, I am using available light, reflector, and on-camera flash.
Weddings and Events  
For wedding and event coverage I like to scout the location 24 hours prior, at the exact time as the wedding ceremony or event is happing, to see the light conditions. As it is with weddings and events, there is just this one opportunity to capture this unique moment right with your camera that will never ever happen again.
I have portable strobe and lights, backdrops, and there is no problem to set up a studio at any location, indoor or outdoor. 
Whether wedding, family reunion or other event, you invested so much energy and planned every detail with love and passion for your event or big day and you want to have the outcome of your effort captured and just enjoy the moment and later in years to share these memories with your children, grandchildren and other generations.
I always say to my clients febore the wedding, this is YOUR BIG DAY, THE DAY JUST ABOUT THE BRIDE AND GROOM and as a photographer, I will be with you the whole time. Only exception is the ceremony, when I use the long lens not to disturb this sacred moment.
Please read the Frennet Studio's Tips for weddings.  
Developing Your Photos  
I am making photos in the RAW format and all your photos are digitally developed. I would compare it to the film developing, just with the difference that nowadays are photos developed in the digital darkroom. Depending on season, your photos and photo package (Photo DVD/USB Stick with all digital images and Copyright Release Form, plus few print outs - now I spoiled the surprise) should be developed, edited and ready within 10 working days. I always send first sneak peek photos within 24-48 hours to my clients, mostly per private Facebook message as I do not have to resize the files and I am able to send the photos in high resolution.
Please read the Frennet Studio's Tips for photo printing.  
I am a traditionalist and try to avoid manipulating the photos with my graphic software. My principle here is influenced by my film era experience; "Get it right in the camera." So probably that is why it takes sometimes a little longer to set manually the exposure right to achieve the right measurement and effect that I want to create with my "paint brush", my DSLR camera.
My style I would range somewhere between traditional, artistic and in case of events and weddings photojournalistic.
Let my previous work and few samples from my portofolio speak for itself, as each photographer and artist has her/his style and see the world through the different eyes and from other perspective.
I would end this Introduction Page/About Page with the following definition; "Photography is painting with light." and I cannot wait to meet you soon and paint those special moments for you with light using my lenses and cameras as my paint brush that will turn into your memories tomorrow which you and your family will treasure forever.

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