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      Printing and Digital Image Files
  Portrait Sessions:
  ~ On location (outdoor) session is the best to schedule either early morning around 8:00am or after 4:00pm (summer time).
  ~ Please schedule the session around the time when your baby and small children are most active.
  ~ What outfits concern, the best are solid colors, preferably no patterns.
  ~ When group photos are made, please the same color outfits are the best. You can also mix two colors, e.g. mom and daughter/s in pink or white, dad and son/s in blue or black top; or kids same color and parents other color that matches children's color. Uniform outfits make a big difference in the group photos, give beautiful harmony, strong unity and togetherness feeling. I personally buy for our annual family Christmas session tops at Wal-Mart or add matching scarves for my daughter and me. They have a variety of colors and prices are very affordable.
  ~ For ladies I recommend to avoid short skirts as it reduces the posing possibility.
  ~ Black/dark clothing are not expandable colors on contrary to the white or light colors.
  ~ I encourage each couple to schedule engagement photo session (included in my wedding packages), it helps you to know me better, you get used to me, you see how I work. As it comes to YOUR BIG DAY, I will be with you the whole time.
  ~ Write an agenda/timeline of YOUR BIG DAY and please share it with me.
  ~ If possible, please provide contact of all your vendors.
  ~ For "getting ready" photos, remove all not important items from the room, e.g. boxes.
  ~ Please get custom made or nice hanger for the wedding dress.
  ~ Bring "save kit" with you as needles, safety pins, scissors and so on.
  ~ According to photography theory books recommended is to make the formal couple photos before ceremony or the day before or after. From my experience, I would plan for your couple photos at least 10-20 minutes on your BIG DAY. At first you two are going to have finally 10 minutes just for yourselves when you can breath out. But the most important I can capture this extraordinary and dazzling "Bride and Groom Glow" (as I call it) in your photos that is most present just on YOUR WEDDING DAY.
  ~ Cake will be eaten, guests will be gone, only what stays are beautiful memories captured and reminded to you through photographs.
  ~ You have planned YOUR BIG DAY with all your heart and everything will be excellent, do not forget to delegate the tasks. In case you do not have a wedding planner, choose a family member or close friend that can be your right hand and just enjoy every second of your most important day in your life.
  ~ In case of an outdoor event location, I like to scout the location 24 hours prior the event to see the light condition.
  ~ If individual photos ordered in an event coverage package, I arrive at least 1 hour prior the event's start to set up my portable studio.
  ~ Depending on amount of clients, the print outs and photo folders are delivered within 24-48hours.
  ~ I always include the candid photos from the event, photos of the location, decoration, buffet, and more.
  ~ I would strongly recommend to make the group photos in the beginning of the event, as organizational committee (spirit crew) might be too busy through the whole event and it might be more difficult to gather everybody together.
  Printing and Digital Image Files:
  ~ Please make a backup of your USB Flash Drive. I keep the RAW files (“film” digital files) for six months, and your digital photographs in JPEG file format are archived. In case you loose your USB Flash Drive, please contact me for a new copy.
  ~ You will find two folders on your USB Flash Drive; Photos_HighResolution and Photos_LowResolution. Please use the HighResolution images/files for printing. The LowResolution images are resized to two sizes; 3000pxl and 500pxl. You will be able to upload your 3000pxl photos to Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn. 500pxl photos are resized to be sent per Email or to be incorporated for your website.
  ~ The photos, you have purchased with the Copyright Release or the Royalty-Free License, are not cropped into the standard print out sizes (4x6, 5x7 or 8x10). There is a difference in the frame size captured by the digital sensor. Most photo labs give you a possibility either to print the digital size (mostly called True Digital), which is smaller than the standard size or you can have your picture cropped into the standard size. Another possibility is to make a frame around the image. Please see my illustration below.
  ~ All collages created by Frennet Studio are either in the 8x10 or 10x10 size. If you would like to have your collages or photos cropped into the certain picture size, I would be much more than happy to do it for you.
  ~ All digital images are in the JPEG format which is not suitable for billboards and advertisement print. Please contact me to send you your image in TIFF, PNG or GIF format.
  ~ Should you have any other questions considering printing process or your photographs or Frennet Studio's services, please contact me best per E-mail at studio@frennet.com.



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